Analyzing the bottle is like tasting a fine strength, with tactile, optical and sound virtues

World-class artist, Ioan Nemţoi is one of the best-rated creators of the moment, appreciated both for his fantastic fantasy and for his impeccable technique. The transparency of the glass is used by him to highlight the valences of a wonderful visual reality, in which the primordial elements of the universe, water, air, fire, earth, become accomplices of the aesthetic act.

From sand, water and fire, he creates stable, albeit fragile, colorful forms. The play of shapes, colors, mystery and transparencies seduces the viewer.

Always in competition with the great names of glass sculpture, such as Dale Chihuly, Marvin Lipofsky, Howard Ben Tré, Yoichi Ohira, Mona Hatoum, Jean Arp, his works are in famous collections, such as that of King Harald of Denmark, Queen Elizabeth of II of Great Britain, Kofi Annan, (…),  Emma Nicholson, HRH Princess Margareta of Romania, but also in the “Vatican Museum”, at the “Kunst Palast” in Düsseldorf, at the UNICEF headquarters in New York, at “McLarren Technology”, from Great Britain, “Waterland Neeltje Jans Museum” from Holland, “White House” from Washington, or in famous galleries from Norway, Sweden, Holland, France, Italy, Canada, Japan, Hungary, Germany, Belgium…

From: Magdalena Popa Buluc – Cultură- Dialoguri esențiale

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